A Summary Of Facts About Windows And Doors

Windows and Doors come in many different shapes, sizes and styles. The choice is the consumer’s and is usually made according to the cost and the function it is wanted for. Some types are plain and some are very decorative looking.

A door has two different functions. They are either used on the interior entrance of homes or for an exterior entranceway. The inner type are used to block passages into bedrooms, closets, bathrooms, and other areas. Outer types are used to block passage from the outside to the inside.

Inside types should be installed in such a way that, when open, they to not block other openings that are frequently used. Correct installation dictates that when fully open they rest against a solid expanse of wall. The majority of these types are either wooden or are made of a man-made substance. The outer type is made for security. They are installed so that they open outward making it very hard for a vandal to open or remove them. These types tend to be made of very strong materials.

Metal is the most common substance used for the outer type. They have insulating factors to keep out cold or heat and are very strong. Wooden, decorative types are available, however, they are quite expensive. Another option available is fiberglass. These are made to look like wood but are not as costly and are easier to maintain.

A window is purchased depending on where it will be located and its function. The different styles for those locations will depend on the consumer’s preference. There are many different types available to choose from. Some basic ones are listed below.

The double hanging type has two sashes, meaning the top and bottom sections will both slide open. Only one, however, can be open at a time. The bottom sash moves up and the top moves down. The open position of either top or bottom can be used as the consumer desires. These are the most popular type for use throughout a home.

The casement type have hinges on one side and open outward. They look very good when installed beside a picture type window. Of necessity, the screen must be located on the inside frame. Because of the way they open, they help funnel wind into the home. They are opened and closed by turning an attached movable handle in a circular motion.

The picture type are stationary and do not open. They contain a very large expanse of glass. These are generally installed in sitting rooms where an outside view is desired. Since they do not move, other types that do open are usually installed on either side of it.

Some windows and doors Toronto contain an Energy Star label. The label has been approved by the government for use on products that are energy efficient and, therefore, lower greenhouse emissions. They are said to help lower energy costs by up to 15 percent by blocking heat from the sun and cold air from entering the home.

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