Critical Points With Sash Window Refurbishment With Your Classic House

In the sixties aluminium framed windows became popular and supplanted the old wooden types in popular architecture. Presently the latest technique is to use vinyl frames. These frames are specially designed to hold insulating double paned glass for saving energy. Of course these new technologies can be used in older homes with the wooden frame glass assemblies. When used though, the look and feel of the home is changed into a half historic half modern look. To preserve that older look many owners are doing sash window refurbishment rather than vinyl replacement and updating.

Inside these wood framed panes, and inside the casing are two iron counter weights. These weights are attached to a rope that runs through a pulley which you should see at the top of the casement in the channel the framework runs up and down in. If it is a working window you should see the rope in the middle of the channel.

Over time this rope breaks as it wears through with use. When that happens the weight drops inside the casement and the window is immovable. If the other weight is still attached the frame will jam when you try to open it. Frequently both ropes are missing on these types of assembly, presumably because the user wants to open the window and hopes if the odd weight out is cut off as well the frame will not jam.

In this state the whole assembly will frequently be painted over and as time passes tightly sealed in the process. The whole thing is now impossible to open.

If fortune is with the restorer and the unit is not welded shut the ropes can be reattached. Higher end models of this type have access panels or knockout access panels that can be remove to reach in, grab the weight and reattach the ropes. Some are placed with screws other tightly fitted and/or nailed in and need to be pulled out. A utility knife may be useful. The movable section of glass likely needs to be pulled as well.

Any appropriate cordage will do provided it can bear the weight of the window and pass freely through the windows. Contractors favour nylon rope because of it’s durability. The weight when hung should not touch the bottom of the window framing when the window is wide open. The rope or cord should be of a specific length.

The rope connects the weight to the moving wooden frame. This will mean the movable frame will need to be removed from its casing to reattach the rope. After you have pulled it free from the casing, check the side stile of the frame. Fittings suitable for tying the free end of the rope should be available.

Old fashioned windows with the proper materials and installation can be as efficient as the modern ubiquitous vinyl ones. Sash window refurbishment can retain the historic charm you home had in the past. With proper care some maintenance there is no reason these windows can not last as long as the newer models. This can be quite a job so working or consulting with a knowledgeable construction contractor with experience in older homes is recommended.

Retaining the services of exterior decorators London vicinity means renovating the outside of your residence. You can find professional sash window refurbishment London companies to assist you in bettering your home’s appearance.

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