If You Consider The Likely Effects On Chicago Window Cleaners

The likely effects on a city like Chicago if all window cleaners went on strike is something that does bear some consideration. Window cleaning is one of those professions that not too many people give a lot of consideration to unless they are the ones doing it. Like any other profession, there is a definite skill set that is needed to complete the task of window cleaning.

It would take a long time to train general maintenance staff to correctly clean windows on a commercial building, especially those that are higher than 2 or 3 stories. Commercial window cleaning is more than just using a roll of paper towels and a high street window cleaner.

The people that professionally clean windows understand that they will most likely be required to deal with heights. They also understand that streaking and spots are unacceptable.

If you are a person that deals with real estate or if you are in the food industry than you will automatically understand that first impressions are everything. No one would want to eat at an establishment that has excessive bird droppings on their windows.

The same applies to any type of real estate that is being shown for office space or personal living space. Any type of space that is above 3 or more stories is usually being considered because of the view that it may offer. Dirt and bird droppings will quickly ruin any interest that may be accruing with any potential clients. It also indicates poor upkeep.

It is known that any accumulation of bird droppings is considered a health hazard. Bird droppings can also destroy and corrode different building materials. Although window cleaning can be a transparent profession, it should be one that is necessary to any city and to many commercial businesses.

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