Learn How To Accomplish Easy Sash Window Repairs That Are Effective

Any person that owns a period style home would have encountered the frustration of having one or two older sliding style windows that just refuse to work properly. Most resort to having the offensive pane removed and replaced with a modern version. However when considering that many of these are around 120 years old or more it seems such a waste and sash window repairs would cost considerably less.

Frames like these were hand made and are usually very heavy, which is one of the reasons that if it is not regularly maintained then problems will be encountered. All of these windows, despite preconceived ideas, are actually quite easy to repair. A typical pane is made up of a top and bottom sash which slides into a closed or open position.

These panels move up and down the inside of a boxed framed by means of a counter balance theory. Besides the problems with movement many tend to allow noise and breezes into the home. This results from the way the frame is designed to keep the working mechanisms of the window and is quick to repair.

To facilitate the successful repairs of such an aged window one simply needs to complete the following few steps. Firstly the sashes have to be removed from the frame. Inside the frame there is a wooden strip that will have to be carefully removed. On successfully removing it the bottom panel can be slipped out of the frame.

Sometimes the sash cord may still be attached, simply cut it but be sure to hold the little weight firmly to stop it from slipping in the bottom opening of the frame. Removing the upper sashes is somewhat similar and once again a vertical strip of wood is all that holds it in place. It is suggested that one replace all the cords at one time to ensure that this does not have to be redone in a few months time again.

On both sides of the frame at the lower ends there are compartments that house the long heavy iron weights, to get to this another slither of wood needs to be pried free. This should not have any nails or screws but if it does then it may take a lot more patience before exposing the inner workings of the pocket.

Here an individual will also be able to access the pulleys which are either made from copper or iron. These are more often than not working smoothly due to years of built up dirt and paint. Clean the pulley properly and add a drop of oil to get it rolling freely again. If damaged in any way then luckily replacements can be purchased, just make sure to take an old one as a sample.

Next is the task of replacing the cording, this can be purchased at any hardware store, however as the width of cords vary considerably, be sure to purchase an 8-string cord. Cut two long sections of cord and feed each one through the top of the pulley so that there are two loose ends hanging at the bottom.

Thread the loose end into the long weights from the top out through the side and then tie a secure knot in place to stop it from pulling back through the hole. Cut the extra cord from the knots and use the cord to pull the long weight back inside the pocket. Close the compartment up and then tie the other end of the cording onto the sash. To make this easier it is best that the window sashes are angled while both ends are aligned by drawing the weight up into the pulley for accuracy.

Once these steps have been completed for both sections, and all the beadings are put back, all repairs are completed, guaranteeing that the units will operate without any further hindrance. Smaller tasks that can be done are to add a molding seal or type of brush pile in order to stop noise and draughts that may be present.

In general, if a person carries out sash window repairs in this manner every twelve to fifteen years, they are guaranteed to last for the next 100 years or so. Before starting any work, make sure you know exactly what you are doing. There are many experts out there who specialize in this work, so consider giving them a call to ask for advice and to find out how they recommend you get on with the job.

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