Information To Help In Shopping For Doors

People who go shopping for doors should remember that a door is an ancient structure dating back to Egyptian times. Most people don’t spend a lot of time thinking about a door until they need to replace one. There are things to keep in mind when buying a door.

The first known doorways were used in Egyptian tombs. These early entryways didn’t have to deal with a great amount of moisture. Egyptian tombs typically had one or two panel doors without frames. It was less important in those days to frame a door to keep it from warping or changing shape over time. The use of doorways in ancient days can be seen in the hieroglyphic depictions left behind by long gone civilizations.

As the door evolved, it developed a list of typical components fairly quickly. A door will have a lintel above it, also known as a header board. The vertical posts that support a door and hold the hinges are called jambs. The supportive wood laid horizontally beneath a door is called a sill.

Many people paint their doors red out of tradition. A red door traditionally means a welcoming to good fortune. It can be merely lucky, or an act to draw in positive helpful energy. Some believe that it helps to identify the mouth of a home. A house with a red door is also believed to be paid for and free of debt.

A typical interior door is called a flush door. Made of a single layer of plywood set over a frame, they end up hollow in the middle. The empty inside of a door is usually filled with cardboard core material. It’s this material that keeps the door from making hollow drum sounds when someone knocks on it, as well as giving it rigidity.

The future of entryways may be that of the sliding entry. Sliding panels are already used for patio entries or commercial building entryways. Sensors can turn sliding doors into automatic doors very easily. Some sensors come in mats that react to pressure when someone stands on them. Other sensors involve infrared light beams or invisible microwaves that react if they are interrupted, opening the door.

The hang of a door or how it is hung or installed is ever so important. If hung wrong, the door might swing too far and break off its hinges. It could also cause the improper drainage of water into the home. To prevent issues with installation, many manufacturers pre-hang their doors in their jambs with hinges already set. How a door swings is crucial too, because a public building with a door swinging inward is a safety hazard and could trap people inside during an emergency.

A doorway by itself can stand for many things to many types of people. Before shopping for doors Toronto, people need to think on what the door will be used for. It could be just an entry into a home, or it might be for a heavily trafficked area that has lots of people coming or going on foot or in vehicles. Painted red or not, a door shows everyone how they can expect to enter and exit any building.

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