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Most homes in the United States make use of sliding glass doors. Usually, they are making use of these as entry doors on their patio areas or backyard decks. If you are one of these homeowners who make use of sliding glass doors, you have an idea that they require for a general repair and maintenance. Once your sliding glass door does not slide properly, you need to inspect it to see if demands a repair. Check the bottom and top area of the door. If it is out-of-square, you will notice quite a minimal crack at the bottom or top. This is especially when you make an effort to slide it back and forth.

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To solve this issue, the first and simple thing you can do is to adjust the door rolling wheels. Majority of sliding doors have two roller wheels under the door. These mainly allow your door to move back and forth the easiest way. For you to adjust the wheels easily and perfectly, you need to look for “small holes” in the lower framed face. There are times that these holes can be plugged in with the use of small caps. And, these caps are removed easily. You can also insert a screwdriver into the hole for screw adjustments. Apart from it, you can move the wheels lower or higher as needed.

Patio Window Frames

If this solution fails to resolve the problem, you can also shim your sliding glass door. Unlike the first solution, this requires more work since this involves the removal of “interior trim” around your door. Once the moldings are already removed, you will see that patio window frame was also shimmed and installed in the opening. You will also observe that it does not hold a perfect square. You can loosen up or take the screws out that help secure the window frame in place and re-square the door. You can also shim it out if needed.

Once your window frame has its square frame again, simply screw it back to secure it. You are now ready to re-attach the molding trim again. With this process, it helps your window to operate in a smoother and energy-efficient way. You can save more money out of your electric bill as this gets rid of small cracks. These cracks also let in a hot or cold air from outdoor. Broken or worn latch is one of the common issues that may affect the performance of your sliding glass door. A door handle can easily be replaced after you have found out the correct and right hardware for it.

Patio Door Replacement Parts

If you have failed to find for the possible replacement at local hardware, you can prefer looking at the online shops and specialty catalogs. You need to remove the old handle from the door and carry out some critical and comprehensive measurement. This is the right way of identifying the proper part replacement.

The door thickness and the distance among the drilled holes in the door and door jamb style are some of the important areas that require precise measurement. Moreover, replacing worn out and old hardware also provides you with an opportunity to “upgrade higher security lock and handle”. Apart from that, older sliding glass doors usually require a face lift with some easy and simple cleaning.

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