Sash Window Refurbishment Or Replacement, What Are The Options

Sash windows are very sturdy. As a matter of fact, most of them have been around for years. They can even last for decades. Still, they would have to break down at some point. In this case, you are left with two options: sash window refurbishment or replacement. Which option is the best when it comes to broken sash windows?

Restoration can be complicated and expensive. Aside from being costly, restoring a screen can also take too much time and effort. Old screens would still require regular maintenance, even if you have them repaired. Furthermore, replacement parts for older sash screens can be challenging to get hold of. Some of them may have been discontinued.

Older screens do not offer much protection from the heat during warmer months. They are typically made of single panes with no tint, and are incapable of shielding a room from direct sunlight. Sash windows are also known for being drafty, which can become a problem during winter. Too much heat or cold can put a strain on your air-conditioning unit and increase your electricity bill.

If you are undecided between repair and replacing, go for the latter. Refurbishment may seem like a quick solution to a faulty screen. Still, it is still the same old design, which you would need to maintain on a regular basis until you get a replacement screen. Replacement provides a more long-term solution.

If you are thinking about replacing your frames, then you should consider installing double-glazed or UPVC. These are more secure and energy-efficient than ordinary ones. Double-glazed have climate control features that let you cut down energy costs. Aside from being cost-effective, these windows are also made of tough material that will not break easily.

Double-glazed windows have additional safety features which cannot be found in other designs. Safety stays make sure that your screen will not lean too far inwards. This mechanism prevents accidents especially when your window accidentally shuts close. Limit stops are installed to prevent screens from being opened too widely. This safety feature is a must if you have kids inside the house because they prevent the window from opening more than 100 mm.

Cam catches prevent theft and intrusion with a key-locking feature with a complex mechanism, which prevents them from being opened with a thin knife. Cam catches that are manufactured today are reinforced with nylon. This prevents wear and tear, which is a typical problem with metal catches. Cam catches can be installed on opposite sides to prevent side access as well.

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